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“The Gift of Kindness” – important social project of Enisey TV channel from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Our mission is to show opportunities that is being opened by the age of digital technologies and social communications to people that got into difficult lively situations: no matter if they are young, old or lonely. Where you can find support when it’s needed, charitable friends and even start earning money by your talents? We will show it to you

We are telling real stories of real people. Trying to find the ways to help and make it through with heroes of project.

We are begging you to be active in each others life: follow news, share warmth and make a gift of kindness for everyone who needs it. Results will be published in 17th of February at International kindness day.

Call us +7 391 236 01 36

Write us: eniseytvchannel@gmail.com

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