Justus Walker, pimp my farm

This american doesn’t need to be untroduced in Siberia. Here he is well-known redneck #1, the most optimistic, positive and sharing his happiness and farmer’s goods with everyone. He lives with his family at the north of Krasnoyarskiy Krai, at the Takuchet village, and producing some farmer’s goods.

Walker became famous in Russia because of his laughter on retailers, that was buying not his mozzarella, but imported from Europe. After grocery embargo was enacted Justus has given an interview for one of the russian channels, he said to retailers: now there is no your italian cheese, than he laughed. Simple guy from Idaho had taken so much russian hearts with his sincerity! When he had crashed his car, russians have collected money for the same one. After becaming famous, Walker opened his firm “Happy Justus”. Now his goods are very exclusive on siberian market. This sunday we are picking him up and taking to Spiridoviches, to pimp their farm in western style.


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